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COMMERCIAL Photography

If you own a business, whether its large or small - commercial photography is essential in making your products stand out. With social media being a huge focal point for selling, you'll want attention attracting images that look great! I currently offer three different packages for you to choose from to help achieve your business goals. If these packages do not suit your needs, always feel free to email and we can discuss different options.

Package 1: The Monthly.  Approximately 6o minutes on location.  This package offers a visit to your establishment once a week, four times a month. This allows me to take photographs of your ever changing menu, clothing pieces that are new, or products that have just come in. This package offers not only product photography, but also behind the scenes photography, staff photography and clothing shoot photography.

Package 2: The One Time.  Approximately 60 minutes on location. Prepare your menu, or showcase your favourite products. I will come on location to photography your goods for your business - a single time. This package includes product photography and staff/model images. *Note: this is not a clothing photoshoot

Package 3: The Clothing Shoot. Time will be discusses prior based on number of objects. This package focuses on clothing product photography. Because clothing lines and styles can vary in size and quantities - the price reflects this. If you are interested in this option please shoot me a message and we can discuss the options available.

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