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I believe my camera is just an extension of my body. I create custom made recipes in my Fuji (built in edits, changing hues, colour balances, etc). With that, I think it's really important to trust my camera, and the natural beauty that is in front of me. That saying, I do not photoshop my subjects. I do not remove wrinkles, stretch or distort skin and body, or make hair more voluminous. I will remove garbage cans, trash, logos, and other things out of photos.


I want to work with you! But, I would like to do it non-traditionally. My specialty is candid photography...non-staged photos, capturing happy moments unplanned! I want to go on a date with you and your significant other to your favourite restaurant. Does your family play board games every Sunday? I want to document it.  Let's take some rad photos that aren't something you usually see on your time line.

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